Introducing PGT Services’ Managed Transportation


Introducing the two faces that represent PGT Services’ Managed Transportation, these experienced professionals have a combined 27 years of working with Flatbed, Dry Van, LTL, Container, Air and Expedited freight management. Together they bring a wealth of connections and knowledge for Managed Services.

Director of Strategic Sales and Project Logistics, Mark Miller

Mark Miller has been with PGT for over two years and brings over 17 years of customer service centered transportation experience. After transitioning into third party logistics, Mark has found it easy to connect with companies in the metals, building materials, drayage and project logistics industries because he understands the frequent challenges that they are facing.

Mark’s favorite part of managed services is the ability to get out of day trading. “When I get the opportunity to get in front of a customer and have a strategic conversation that’s when I know we have the chance to form a lasting partnership. Together we will breakdown the time and money saved using managed transportation. It becomes a no-brainer- why work every day in transactional business when you can create something better, that is also a long term solution.”

When we asked Mark where his added confidence in Managed Services at PGT comes from he was quick to answer in reference to our foundation, “We are a full service transportation provider with a small company feel. We have less tape to jump through to make decisions and employees that really push the best decisions for our customers. We have always been and will always be a company based on relationships.”

Managed Transportation Sales and Implementation Manager, Noelle Vaughan

A newer face at PGT Services is Noelle Vaughan. Noelle comes to PGT Services after 10 years of working at one of the largest third party logistics companies in the nation.

“I think this position at PGT Services speaks to what I am most passionate about- which is holistically looking at the entire supply chain, not just transportation. My education is in data analytics, information security and supply chain/project management. It comes natural to me to incorporate every aspect of the puzzle. I especially love understanding procurement to production, the material management and working with different transportation modes to reach the end customer.”

Noelle spent time in both national and international freight management for companies in plastics, chemicals, packaging, building materials and manufacturing. With those companies, she has been able to watch many different production trends and pick out the best of the mix. Many of the conversations that she leads begins with visibility to spend, optimizing efficiency and mitigating risks.

Being new to PGT Services, we asked Noelle what her success story would be to make an impact here: “I plan on creating long-term meaningful relationships with organizations looking to work together to be profitable, continuously adapt to changes in the industry and consistently bring value to employees and the community.”  

We would like to welcome Noelle to our team and we are so excited to have her. With the combination of education and professional experiences of Mark and Noelle and their ability to collaborate with the rest of PGT Services, we have no doubt in the exponential growth destined for our Managed Services Department.

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