PGT Services Partners with Capacity Management Tech Company, Parade


PITTSBURGH, PA — PGT Services made the strategic move to partner with the leading capacity management tech company, Parade. This move will increase PGT Services’ digital freight matching capabilities, furthering their commitment to technological innovation and providing customers increased capacity access. 

“We are committed to technological advancements and to our carrier relationships,” said Barret Rea, president of PGT Services. “This partnership with Parade combines these initiatives, increasing capacity availability. PGT Services is unique in that we are actively bringing digital improvements to the flatbed market.” 

Parade offers carriers the ability to book the types of high-quality loads that are typically only accessible to larger carriers. Additionally, self-service portals allow carriers to update their lane preferences and capacity and select their freight themselves.

“PGT Services has made a strategic investment in a new technology infrastructure which, when put in the hands of their world-class operations team, will take the company to a new level, and help them go toe-to-toe with any digitally native brokerage or large incumbent 3PL,” said Preet Sivia, co-founder of Parade. 

This partnership will grow PGT Services’ carrier experiences, operational efficiencies and new revenue growth. 

“Our customer and carrier relationships are integral to our success,” said Justin Burgh, PGT Services vice president. “The Parade partnership and our investment in their technology will provide opportunities for our carriers — including an expanded network, instant access to loads and improved shipper outcomes.”

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About PGT Services

PGT Services is a nationally recognized transportation brand with nearly 40 years of history and an industry expert in managing transportation solutions across the United States, Canada and Mexico. Headquartered just west of Pittsburgh, they serve the steel, pipe, building materials industries and more. PGT Services remains faithful to its fundamental values: personal customer service, relationships, employee professional development and profitability. They strive to build long-standing relationships through services that give their customers the assurance that PGT Services will handle their shipping needs with the utmost attention to detail. With solutions in all modes of transportation, their industry leading expertise in the steel, pipe, metals and retail supply chain gives customers the confidence that PGT Services will always uphold the integrity and quality of their brand.

About Parade

Parade, founded in 2015, is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. It was founded with the vision of changing the way freight is moved. For too long, logistics parties have been underserved with few technological advancements. Parade is changing that storyline, continuously innovating to deliver the digital transformation that logistics teams deserve. Through innovation and a relentless focus on customers, Parade has established itself as the market leader for digitally transforming freight brokers.

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