Projects that are More Complex, More Extensive and More Challenging Require MORE PEOPLE


Our Project Logistics team tackles ambitious goals, impossible routes and number of loads with precise planning and preparing. We face the complexities, risks and the unforeseen because we understand these challenges can support you achieving your objectives.

PGT Services Project Logistics team meets your specific logistics needs — such as transporting freight, plant relocation, fulfillment, warehousing and drayage.

Because of our project team and vast network of carriers, we are able to offer chartered solutions from inception to completion in a cost-effective and secure way.

Build Loyalty and Deliver Customer Experience

Customers expect an immediate and frictionless transportation experience, thanks to PGT Services.

The PGT Services Difference:

  • Provide consumers with convenience experiences
  • Look at the entire transportation process
  • Use seamlessly integrated systems
  • Enable transparency on moving loads
  • Enable Transportation Management System
  • Schedule ahead and offer some flexibility
  • Make scheduling appointments for pickup and delivery easy
  • Communicate well and often

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