Training with a Purpose: PGT Services Employees Learn Side-by-Side With Drivers


Transportation. Getting commodities from point A to B with safety, service, and execution. This is why we are in business. But what brokerages often lack is the hands-on experience of the drivers they are working with. At PGT Services, we believe every employee should learn the basics of loading and securing the commodities we transport every day.

Enter PGT Trucking’s Blairsville, PA training facility. This immersive opportunity enables our employees to learn side-by-side with drivers how to properly load, secure, and protect commodities like steel coils on the back of a flatbed.

This required training for every employee provides them first-hand experience, a crash course in industry terminology, and an expanded view of what it takes to deliver a product successfully. We sat down with four of our employees who recently completed the Blairsville training to see what they took from this experience.

How did this training push you out of your comfort zone?

“Although I report to my cozy office in Sewickley, PA Monday–Friday, I had the opportunity to learn what proper flatbed securement looks like with first-hand experience,” said Gracie Voigt, Marketing Manager. “Not only was this day full of first-hand training, but also learning about the terminology of the transportation industry, equipment that is discussed every single day, and meeting some amazing PGT drivers.”

What was your biggest takeaway?

“I left with a much greater appreciation for truck drivers,” said Vianca Corpuz, Carrier Solutions Rep. “I did not realize the time, energy, and technique it takes to safely secure these flatbed loads. I understood the big picture, but the details of loading, securing, and delivering a load was so eye opening.”

What was your experience meeting and training with the drivers?

“It was so cool to meet all different types of people, drivers, all trying to accomplish the same goal from all across the US,” said Joe Peduzzi, Carrier Solutions Rep. “It feels awesome to truly be a part of a close-knit family!”

Did this change your perception of the transportation industry?

“Coming from someone completely new to the industry, I was a little nervous for this training, but I had the absolute best day full of learning,” said Amber Baker, Account Manager. “I walked out of that training so confident about my ability to communicate on the phone, understanding verbiage better, but also holding myself to a higher standard while selecting a reliable carrier that will live up to our PGT standards!”

How would you say this experience impacts the PGT Services culture?

“PGT Services is always striving to ensure excellent training inside the office setting, but the company has truly gone above and beyond by providing this hands-on learning experience for ALL employees,” said Gracie. “I am truly so happy to be a part of this amazing team and culture.”

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