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PGT Services is a nationally recognized 3rd party transportation company with over 40 years of history. At PGT Services, we provide a portfolio of transportation solutions built on a quality customer experience. We perform with detailed execution, giving the confidence you need while trusting us with your transportation needs.  Our industry leading expertise in the building products, steel, pipe, metals and retail supply chains will give you confidence that we will always uphold the integrity of your brand.

We are in business to help you manage the transportation process in your organization by being a reliable partner. At PGT Services, we pride ourselves in our dedication to Safety, Service, and Execution. 



Personal customer relationships and quality have been a fundamental cornerstone to the success of PGT Services.


Transportation Solutions

PGT Services provides solutions to any of your transportation needs.

People & Culture

PGT Services has developed a culture where the success, development, and financial security of our valued people is always the priority.

PGT Services Offers


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Managed Transportation

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The PGT Services Difference

Cost Savings

PGT Services has more leverage with trucking companies than individual shippers do.

Working with drivers on behalf of multiple customers, PGT Services can gain incentives or negotiate pricing based on volume and order frequency. Additionally, PGT Services will continuously identify ways to improve efficiencies, cut costs and add value to your operations. It pays to have experts on your side to monitor, analyze and optimize your operations month over month, year after year.


You can more easily manage the high and low seasons with the assistance of PGT Services. We can help you quickly respond to increases in demand.

PGT Services is connected to service providers nationwide and can more easily respond to flux, linking you to resources without any added risk or legwork. More can be accomplished, faster.

Network Capacity

The vetting of carriers for equipment, insurance and qualifications is a large undertaking. At PGT services, we can take care of all of it.

To ensure carriers are the right fit to represent your organization, PGT Services works tirelessly to build their carrier network to include only qualified and reliable service providers. Because of our qualified networks, PGT Services can help you secure more capacity. We have a diversified carrier base, which means we have access to numerous options and solutions. You can save an extreme amount of time by calling PGT Services instead of calling on multiple carriers.

Issue Management and Risk Reduction

Things happen on the road that can delay an order — no matter how much prep and communication goes on with a driver. PGT Services will handle these concerns.

By rebooking another truck, aiding a driver with their unplanned event or communicating updates to receivers, PGT Services will solve on the road issues. 

Issues on the road include:

  • Breakdowns
  • Accidents
  • Weather interruptions
  • Schedule changes
  • Unplanned checkpoints
  • House of Service (HOS) and ELD Compliance

We also handle freight claim management. If a shipment is lost, stolen or damaged it’s PGT Services’ responsibility to solve. We will help you file and push necessary information through the legal system quickly, removing responsibilities from the shipper, saving time and money.

Operational and Industry Expertise

Our expertise is driven in part by our relationships with shipping and receiving facilities. With 700+ loads moving weekly, we use this knowledge to deliver your product in a timely, efficient and safe manner.

PGT Services often works with the same receiving locations, so we can share our knowledge of preferences and best practices. Our account team can pass along important information pertaining to regulations and the freight market in your specific industry.

Time to Focus on Core Competencies

We can free you up to focus on other important parts of your business. PGT Services will manage day-to-day transportation so you won’t need to invest in logistics personnel.

Daily tasks that can be taken off your plate:

  • Identifying and booking the right service provider and mode (flatbed, dry van, temperature controlled, etc)
  • Appointment scheduling for pick-up and delivery
  • Driver and facility communication
  • Order tracking
  • Issue management
  • Billing and paperwork

Service Improvements

A quality transportation partner can help ensure orders are picked up and delivered on time by qualified drivers.

We can keep your customers happy and help you avoid costly retail vendor chargebacks and schedule disruptions. A truck driver is the first point of contact with your customers and PGT Services can help ensure that that is a good experience.

We keep closer tabs on transportation because it’s our priority. We aren’t pulled in multiple directions to manage product development or branding.


Personal customer relationships and quality have been a fundamental cornerstone to the success of PGT Services as a transportation provider.

Over the last 40 years, PGT Services’ fast growth was a result of our core focus on relationships and quality. We consider ourselves an extension of your business and understand how important it is for you to rely on transportation partners that take upholding the integrity of your product personally.


Safety is the driving force behind everything we do at PGT Services. Our core value of “Safety is Everyone’s Job – All the Time” is a commitment that starts at the top.

PGT Services is committed to being a responsible transportation partner and handling your shipments in a safe, professional and personal manner. Because of this commitment, PGT Services prides itself on being the safest transportation provider in the industry.

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Experienced People Make the Difference

PGT Services is an industry expert in managing transportation solutions across the United States, Canada and Mexico. Safety, customer service and execution are the values that our company was built on and remain the cornerstone to our growth today. We strive to build long-standing relationships through services that give our customers the assurance that we will handle their shipping needs with the utmost attention to detail. Our tenured industry experts are available to assist you in servicing your valued customers 24/7. With solutions in all modes of transportation, our industry leading expertise in the steel, pipe, metals and retail supply chain will give you the confidence that we will always uphold the integrity and quality of your brand.

Join Our Team

PGT Services is always seeking talented individuals who are interested in a fast paced, high energy, rewarding career in the Transportation Industry. 


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