PGT Services Expands to the Southeast

PGT Services began its expansion in the Southeast bringing on Brian Bergmann as Vice President of Managed Services

PITTSBURGH, PA — PGT Services continues the next phase of their nationwide expansion, hiring Brian Bergmann as the Vice President of Managed Services in the Southeast. Bergmann will build the regional team from the ground up, utilizing his unique experience outside of the trucking industry.

“For over 35 years I have been building effective teams, first as a client to the trucking industry and now in the transportation space,” said Bergmann. “I’ve focused on crafting long-term relationships for decades and I plan on doing just that for PGT Services — not only when building our regional team, but also when developing client and carrier relationships.”

This move not only expands their regional team, but strengthens PGT Services’ Managed Transportation department. 

“Having teams based in every region will not only give us a better reach, but a better understanding of the market in those areas,” said Barret Rea, president of PGT Services. “Brian’s skillset will also lend itself to growing the managed transportation side of our business.”

Having worked in the metal industry for most of his career, Bergmann has a deep understanding of what it’s like to be a client to the trucking industry and what it’s like to manage loads. Taking this insight, he plans on building a team in the Southeast focused on improving the quality of client experiences.  

PGT Services would like to welcome Bergmann and is excited to have him lead this regional growth.

“Brian is the perfect person to lead our Managed Services team,” said Rea. “His work will position PGT Services for the next step in our expansion, strengthening our reach and laying the base for new client and carrier relationships.” 

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PGT Services is a nationally recognized transportation brand with nearly 40 years of history and an industry expert in managing transportation solutions across the United States, Canada and Mexico. Headquartered just west of Pittsburgh, they serve the steel, pipe, building materials industries and more. PGT Services remains faithful to its fundamental values: personal customer service, relationships, employee professional development and profitability. They strive to build long-standing relationships through services that give their customers the assurance that PGT Services will handle their shipping needs with the utmost attention to detail. With solutions in all modes of transportation, their industry leading expertise in the steel, pipe, metals and retail supply chain gives customers the confidence that PGT Services will always uphold the integrity and quality of their brand.

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