Meet PGT Services Training Manager, Evan Nosal


The people who build the PGT Services team are core to both our success and our clients’ success. That’s why we are invested in every employee, providing the building blocks for them to grow their career. Key to this is training and professional development.

We sat down with our Manager of Training, Safety and Compliance, Evan Nosal, to discuss what this crucial role looks like at PGT Services, what he’s excited for in 2023, and what his take is on working in transportation.

How long have you worked for PGT Services? What role did you start out in and where are you now?

“I have worked with PGT Services since October of 2020, so nearly two and a half years,” Evan said. “I started out as a CSR, absorbing information, forming relationships with carriers and learning the nuances of the transportation industry. Now I am currently the Manager of Training, Safety and Compliance.”

What is your current job description?

“My main task here is to onboard and train all new hires as well as work on additional training and continuous improvement for the current team members. Along with that, I help to ensure that we are taking all necessary steps to operate at a very high standard of safety within this industry while following all processes put in place to help the day-to-day operate as efficiently as possible.”

What you are most looking forward to in 2023 for PGT Services?

“In 2023, I am most excited for the continued growth of this company in every aspect from new hires to the expansion of our customer base.”

What is your favorite part of your job?

“My favorite part of the job is working with people that have become my friends and working in an atmosphere where we all work together to win together.”

What is the most challenging part of your job?

“The most challenging part of my job is trying to be in several places at once to help everyone keep up with the fast-paced nature of the business and the industry.”

How would you describe working in the transportation industry?

“Transportation is a hustle every day, but it is an industry where you physically see the results of your hard work. You see the trucks going down the road, the stores getting their products, the construction sites getting their materials and you see how you are helping move the world forward.”

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