PGT Services Announces Director of Sales for Project Logistics Business


PITTSBURGH, PA, March 14, 2023 — PGT Services is excited to announce their new Director of Sales in Project Logistics, Noelle Vaughan, who has been in transportation for 11 years. For a year Noelle has worked as the PGT Services Sales and Implementation Manager in Managed Transportation and will now be driving growth for their project logistics business through business development. In addition, she will assist in the oversight, operation and implementation of the business’ customers and will continue to play a key role in the development of PGT Services’ Managed Transportation business.

This year, Noelle is most excited for a year of growth opportunity for PGT Services. She is ready to adapt and knows the rapid changes will be controllable with the help of her team. “With the PGT Services team, I am confident we will grow not only in size and scale, but also in terms of strength and knowledge,” said Noelle. “This will strongly position our team for continued growth in any type of market moving forward, allowing us to best serve our customers and carriers.”

With a passion for solving problems and complexities, Noelle will thrive in this project role. She is most excited about sharing expertise with customer and carriers to help them succeed in their ever changing environments. “I love adapting to the environment of this industry helping out during the various stages of the transportation market lifecycle, which is constantly changing,” she said.

Noelle received her bachelor’s degree from Ferris State University and continued expanding her knowledge, receiving her Master’s in Logistics, Materials, Supply Chain Management and Project Management from Fontbonne University, as well as her Master’s in Data Analytics from Davenport University. Noelle, her husband Tyler, and her two sons Kasey and Jameson reside in Traverse City, MI a short distance where she grew up in Frankfort. Her family has been her greatest source of support and motivation throughout her entire career in transportation.

After many years in transportation, Noelle is excited to be a part of developing PGT Services and is looking forward to watching the company, and specifically women in transportation, flourish over the next 10-20 years. PGT Services is excited to watch Noelle continue her success with the company and develop her new team.

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