PGT Services Announces New Vice President of Operations


PITTSBURGH, PA — PGT Services is excited to announce their new Vice President of Operations, Tracy Trieste. Tracy has worked for the PGT companies for over 8 years, first starting with PGT Trucking as a general manager. Since PGT Services start in 2020, Tracy has held positions as General Manager, Director of Operations, and is now the Vice President of Operations. In her new role, Tracy is responsible for all business operations, including Customer and Carrier Experience.

“Her leadership and dedication have been instrumental to our success and will be vital as we grow and achieve our goals in the future,” said PGT Services President Barret Rea.

As an integral part of the PGT Services team, Tracy has been responsible for teaching and overseeing our new team members — and it is one of her favorite parts of the job. “We bring in a lot of young people looking to make careers for themselves and grow within our company and industry.” said Tracy. “I love to watch them thrive and become successful.”

Tracy has 20 years of experience in transportation and when asked about her experiences in this historically male dominated industry, Tracy said, “Being a strong woman in this industry has, at times, been a challenge. I am thrilled to see, within the last 10 years, so many more women finding and developing successful careers in Trucking/Transportation. I also believe the industry has begun recognizing the impactful contributions women can make!”

Tracy received her bachelor’s degree from Allegheny College and now resides in Pleasant Hills, PA with her husband Vito and 2 children, Breanna and Cole.

Tracy and the PGT Services team are excited for the growth and opportunities in 2023. PGT Services is excited to watch Tracy continue her success with the company and continue to develop her entire team.

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PGT Services is a nationally recognized transportation brand with nearly 40 years of history and an industry expert in managing transportation solutions across the United States, Canada and Mexico. Headquartered just west of Pittsburgh, they serve the steel, pipe, building materials industries and more. PGT Services remains faithful to its fundamental values: personal customer service, relationships, employee professional development and profitability. They strive to build long-standing relationships through services that give their customers the assurance that PGT Services will handle their shipping needs with the utmost attention to detail. With solutions in all modes of transportation, their industry leading expertise in the steel, pipe, metals and retail supply chain gives customers the confidence that PGT Services will always uphold the integrity and quality of their brand.

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