PGT Services Carrier Solutions Advisors


Core to PGT Services is developing and maintaining long-term relationships with our trusted carrier network. To maintain these partnerships and enable successful transportation, PGT Services emphasizes training and resource availability for all carrier sales professionals. This includes:

  • Real flatbed driver training upon hire covering how to secure, chain, strap, and tarp actual flatbed commodities
  • Internal resources to mentor and grow carrier sales members

Our stringent carrier selection processes creates safe, secure, on-time, and 99.5% claims free delivery.

Acting as resources to support and mentor their team members, PGT Services kicked off our Carrier Solutions Advising program. These advisors are a direct point of contact for new carrier solutions reps, guiding them through training, onboarding, and career development. From brainstorming and troubleshooting to simple encouragement, the program also encourages collaboration among the carrier solutions team.

Senior carrier solutions reps, Jaz, Cody and Abby, are the inaugural program advisors. They’ve reflected on their new roles and the excitement with the new program.

“I would say the thing I’m most looking forward to is creating more cohesion within our coworkers and working together more as a team to achieve our goals. Also, I’m just really excited to be someone that my coworkers can rely on, I love seeing everyone get better every day.”

— Jaz

“With my new title, I am looking forward to helping the company prosper and grow as well as lead the team into 2023. We look forward to the challenges ahead and continue to grow alongside PGT Services. I think the organization and structure of the company will benefit greatly with having even more resourceful leaders in the office.”

— Abby

“This leadership role has been great so far; it has allowed me to guide my co-workers and drive collaboration in the office. Mentoring my group of peers when they have questions drives efficiency, solves problems more effectively, and creates a healthy, teamwork culture. I am very excited to watch this team grow, and I am so excited to be a driving force!”

— Cody

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