PGT Services Interviewing Difference


We hear you, and we are taking action! Recruiters are often seen as the middle man between the company and the candidate. The hiring process becomes unfavorable for the candidate when the recruiter no longer has their best interest in mind.

The hiring process often leads to distrust between the candidate and the employer. Whether you believe recruiters or not, it is in their best interest to help you make the right decision for your career. Your impression of PGT Services throughout the whole interview process is a reflection of our organization. The experience you have interviewing with us is designed to give you the freedom, support and guidance you need to find your next opportunity with PGT Services or elsewhere.

Of course, as a recruiter representing PGT Services, we want what’s best for our organization, and part of that is the happiness of the people we hire. Here is why PGT Services’ hiring process is different:

  1. For that first round of interviews we meet at your availability. We are able to work around your schedule — going through multiple interviews with multiple companies is not very feasible for a person that is still employed. The stress of whether the Wi-Fi will work from the parking lot, or if a coworker will overhear you in a conference room is avoidable by flexible meeting times.
  2. We won’t require a cover letter. More than likely the cover letter you are about to submit is Google generated and not personalized. Many of you would prefer to pick up the phone and explain why you are qualified for the position. We would love to hear that passion in your voice. If you take pride in your cover letter, it doesn’t hurt to share it!
  3. Entry level is entry level. Entry level is for anyone that can use an introduction to the logistics industry. Our entry-level position will not require 3-5 years of experience. Career growth will happen at PGT Services. There is no corporate ladder — if you work hard there will be a reward! Sometimes seeing how it’s done from the bottom up will lead to success as you get promoted.
  4. Let’s have a conversation. We will ask you a few questions, but don’t be afraid to have some character. No reason to have a script, we want to get to know the authentic you.
  5. A quick thank you or no thank you is better than a no response. We try not to overextend our hiring process. We ask that you do the same.

As recruiters, we have the opportunity to focus on your personal and professional goals. With an incredible team and growing business, we want a person who will help us succeed. A good recruiter will take into consideration personal responsibilities, financial needs and career plan to see if our organization would be a good fit. But, what standards do we expect in an interview?

  1. A well-tailored resume. Don’t forget to bring multiple copies. No need for fancy paper or even for it to be printed in color. But, at the bare minimum, we need a resume.
  2. Dress to impress! You perform better when you are confident in your clothes. Your suit doesn’t have to be expensive, but if you look the part you very well might get the part. How good does that sound?
  3. Be on time. Life happens and, if that is the case, there are plenty of ways to communicate. Do your best to be on time. Be 5 minutes early, or even 10 minutes early if you have to. Expect traffic, prepare for weather and give yourself extra time in case there is a coffee spill.

First impression matters. Personality will carry the rest.

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