Why is it Called SPECIALIZED Trucking? Is it Really that Special?


Critical shipments deserve some VIP treatment. With careful coordination our project team will prepare all aspects that are required when shipping over dimension, heavy haul and specialized trucks. Our professionals understand the unique needs — legal dimensions, permit, escort, governmental costs and equipment requirement — when shipping specialized.

The legal requirements for oversize, overweight and super loads is crucial to having a successful shipment. We understand that, when meeting timelines, there is a personalized service of planning permits, routing and execution of over dimensional cargo. Because of this PGT Services will communicate how permits stipulate the route followed as well as specific dates and times for travel.

Committed to total satisfaction and the highest in safety standards, we continue to work together alongside other valued carriers, consistently getting your product from point A to point B. Our most valued assets come from our customers, carriers and valued partners. Our long-term partnership with our sister company, Southern Pines, has offered us guidance and support in our venture into specialized trucking.

Special Services:

  • Stretch RGN / double drop
  • Lowboys
  • Double drop
  • Removable Gooseneck
  • Multi-axle
  • Tankers

Special Requirements:

  • Permits
  • Escorts / police escorts
  • Legal dimensions vs over dimensions
  • Bucket trucks

Special Challenges:

  • Finding safe and reliable capacity
  • Managing transportation providers
  • Obtaining correct permits, route planning and escort availability
  • Controlling transportation costs
  • Visibility to shipment events

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